FM Sports is a place where young developing athletes, serious competitors or people working on personal fitness can come to produce the results they want. Our quality staff works as a team to help our clients along the way. Our multifaceted workout facility is designed for the high level performing athlete,  sports teams to build and work together, or the individual person working towards personal fitness goals. The environment is positive,  friendly and honest. We pride ourselves in providing the environment and  the instruction for each individual or team to meet their goals.  We are about quality and character, not volume.

Sports Training:  FM provide sports specific training in baseball, softball, cycling and wrestling that is provided by outstanding, knowledgeable instructors who understand the sports they coach and the young men and women they mentor. We have the demonstrated experience to help our athletes get better both physically and mentally.

Strength, Conditioning and Quickness:  We strive to develop young athletes to reach their physcial potential working on strength and quickness. These training programs are developed for the individual athlete at any age or level with the intention of helping them attain their personal goals. We support our athletes with strength, conditioning and nutritional programs that are practical and proven effective. We are committed to developing each young FM Sports athlete at any level to exceed expectations and excel on and off the field.

Personal Fitness:  FM Sports provides a comfortable arena for conditioning men and women who are working on their own personal fitness goals. FM’s trainers work hard to help all our clients, now ranging from 9 to 94 years young,  in their commitment to living healthier lives through fitness, nutrition and energy.  Our trainers care and passion is evident in your results.

Experience Counts. Yours and Ours:  We care as much about your success as an athlete as you do (possibly even more).  We have the experience and passion to ensure you receive the best possible mental and physical training to help you reach your goals. From baseball to wrestling, from cycling to soccer, from weight loss to weight gain, we have the tools, experienced coaches and trainers, and facility to get you where you need to go.

Located in Redmond
9123 151st Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052